Monday, 21 November 2011

Being grateful....Week!

In an effort to stay current regarding the observation of Thanksgiving (commemorates the last major harvest of the season) happening in the U.S. (Thursday 24th November), and other countries, I find it rather appropriate to dedicate this post to things that we are grateful for…this past year, month or week; since, the history of Thanksgiving goes beyond the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie…etc. Gratitude is something I think most of us tend to overlook. Sometimes, we always want more than we already have, and so we always strived to be the best in everything that we order to get more. People always worry about what they don't have instead of appreciating what they do have. But why? Maybe, possessions are a lot easier to count than virtues. Somehow though when we are truly grateful and know where gratitude lies, it allows us to become our authentic selves. Think about it…
Because at the core of thanksgiving or being grateful lies an opportunity where we can actually pause, reflect and recognize just how truly blessed we are…even with the small things. Why do we wait until, "you don't know what you have until it's gone" to be appreciative? There is so much good in one's life, no matter who you are. And finding good things are possible, if you're willing to look hard enough and name the obvious. For instance, the more 'obvious' something is (sight-the fact that you can read this), the more you take it for granted. Those are the things that you should feel the most grateful for.. Simple things can trigger a feeling of gratitude too. When you're sick, don't you value being healthy more than when you are sick? Of course, because you realize how wonderful it is to just feel normal. A lot of people don't understand how good they really have it, even if they are living pay check to pay check. Seriously, people I think it's a whole lot better than not having a job and/or being homeless!
So these are the things I am most especially grateful for this past year:
I am grateful for life...the air I breathe, my health, being able to see, walk and hear..yes healthy body and Mind!
I am grateful (and Blessed!) to be a mother to beautiful Victoria...whose wise soul keeps me grounded.
I am most grateful for my mom being with and around me...without you (taking care of Vic), getting my Degree would have been an impossibility.
I'm ever grateful for my family...they are annoying all at times, and some of them I need to love from afar...generally they are good people though...I mean they did help nurture me.
I am grateful that am mentally healthy…I think?
I am grateful for my unlimited access to clean water.
I am grateful for never having to go more than 24 hours without food in my life.
I am grateful for advances in technology…the internet and being able to literally connect with the world/people...and write in this space!
I am grateful that I know that happiness is a choice…yes we choose.
I am grateful that I live in a democracy…even though the forces of power and greed are assaulting our beautiful twin isle.

I am especially grateful that I have an 'open mind' and am willing to get out of my comfort zone...and chase my dreams.
I'm grateful that there is so much beauty and joy to be had in living life…
Enjoy the beauty in your life today. Look around. Gratitude...It's everywhere.
    How about you? 

Tell me what you're grateful for in the comments section.


MKC said...

I am grateful for my God above
I am grateful my Angels who look after me
I am grateful for my family and friends
I am grateful for being...

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for life and all that goes with it , my family ,friends, the ability to further my education and my enemies yes without them life would have been boring. However, I must mention that there are thing that I am not great for 1. The decision by the government to keep hunting season close after they lifted the curfew, yes everybody else can enjoy themselves by doing what they like. The hunters and their dogs are suffering, we are unable to enjoy ourselves.

Bob Saget said...

Here is my prayer and reflection on it...

Thank you oh great invisible wizard in the sky for helping all those pilgrims so many centuries ago across the great ocean.

Thank you for the great feast the natives had with the pilgrims, saving the pilgrims from starvation because they left their country to go to another, without any farming or survivor knowledge.

Thank you for the warmth and hospitality those natives gave to those god-sent pilgrims to survive the harsh winter, saving them from death's door.

Thank you for the all the diseases you gave to those pilgrims who greatfully shared them with the natives, killing them in great masses, a lot of it in your name, because they didn't follow the rules of your book.

Thank you for the spreading those pilgrims across the "new world" beginning the exploitation, theft, and massacre of the natives.

Thank for the Indian Appropriations Act came to be—marking the official beginning of the modern-day reservation system

Thank you for revising the Indian Appropriations Act of 1871, which essentially robbed Indian tribes of their unique identities in the eyes of American government.

Thank you for the Navajo Code Talkers who kept the most secret of radio interactions secret during WW I & II, but didn't receive any recognition until 50 years later.

Thank you for all the turkeys that are massacred in the name of this holiday, so we can eat like the gluttons we are.

Thanksgiving is B.S....

If you think this post is harsh, then continue living in the lie cause it's more comfortable for you think of all the pretty things, instead of the murder and rape that took place in the name of this holiday.

Carlene said...

I am grateful for the love of God that shines through me.
I am grateful for God even though we are really bad sometimes he is there and he understands.
I am grateful my life and where it is today...the journey was never easy but am here.
I am grateful for my health...i know first hand and it is to be unhealthly.
I am grateful for my family
I am grateful for the few "real" friends that i have..
I am grateful for having something to eat everyday..
I am grateful for having a roof over my head...

Wens-Notebook said...

Thank you guys for stopping by and being ever so faithful; and leaving all the wonderful comments! Your support and well wishes are greatly appreciated.
It feels truly amazing to be doing this (at this time in my life)…blogging/writing and of course, entertaining you all with my quirkiness and practical (and comical) take on life. Let me tell you…I was fighting the gods on this one. I was so resistant…in the story of how this blog really came to be…but God is soo good and He knows exactly what He wants for each of us!!! Stay Special..

Bob Saget said...

YAY to the imaginary invisible wizard in the sky!

Jillian said...

There is so much I am grateful for. Eternally, graciously and humbly, I thank Thee. And I can say boldly that I owe it all to HIM! Thank you Lord.

Brian said...

What other country celebrates American Thanksgiving? Put me down with Bob Saget.

news said...

I am grateful for God's grace.
I am thankful for life.
I am grateful for family and friends
I am grateful for my leaders (Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and Dr Keith Rowley included)
I am grateful for health and strength


Sabitree said...

Hi Wen,
Living a life of gratitude makes me happy. I appreciate my family and friends who are an integral part of my life. Worship to God for the of life is very important to me as I am grateful for a healthy body and mind. I am also thankful for the power of literacy, clean water, the natural environment and technology. E-mail as opposed to air-mail is superb.
Have a great day and keep writing.

Chu said...

I'm grateful for life...

I'm grateful for my mom :) I couldn't ask for a better mom, she grew me with nothing but LOVE. Sometimes i think waaaaaaaaaay too much love... Cause sometimes I think I'm too sensitive & affectionate... But I guess that should be a good thing, yes?

I'm grateful for all my working senses.

I'm Grateful for the roof over my head.

I'm grateful that I'm well read.

I'm grateful for my very Crazy Family!!!

I'm grateful that I've learned how to control my temper && though I feel like punching someone in the face for being stupid... I DON'T! :)

I'm grateful for my friends.

I'm grateful for FREEDOM!

I'm grateful that my high school buddy & half brother are safely back home form Afghanistan and Iraq

Shyv. said...

Always grateful. Beautiful post Wendy