Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rookie on the Run…

Happy New Year to all!! Hope all of your dreams will come through in 2012!! It's been a long awhile since my last entry, but I am back! For this New Year, it's all about new dreams, new plans and definitely new beginnings.. Some of my goals for this new and exciting year are to get funding for my Masters, experience a new culture and have an unforgettable global experience. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to…
It's been two months and counting since I started running with TTRoadRunners Club. Were it not for my passion to serve, I guess writing this piece may have been about something else instead. So there I was in the Newsday 5K last September, volunteering for my good friend Crystal-Ann Awai…capturing data, handing out water, liming, eating and meeting new people. It was during one of those moments that I had a conversation with Dennise Demming, whom I was briefly introduced to and who later informed me of a 'new running/training' group to begin in November, 2011. I immediately said yes, without much thought, though I had never really done any form of exercising (doing Tracy Anderson for 6 weeks count?), let alone running! But having a sedentary job will subconsciously cause one to say yes to something that is undoubtedly long overdue. I was absolutely out of condition!

In the past, I have always been lazy about exercising and walking leisurely for one lap around the Queens Park Savannah (once a week) was good enough. I have never quite imagined myself running, even lightly. When I began running last November with the amazing Dennise Demming as my coach, I must admit that deep down I was somewhat scared, not to begin this journey, but rather how my body lack training that discipline my entire life! But Coach Dennise made it easy for the group by starting us off every Tuesday and Thursday with a 2x2…two minutes run and then two minutes walk, all the while communicating proper breathing techniques, relaxing the arms, heel to ground and keeping the spine straight. Indeed, a lot to process while trying to recover for two minutes, but with every new Tuesday and Thursday comes a new feeling too, as the 2x2 decreased to 2x1 and then increased to half mile. However, as the weeks went by I began to feel the pleasures of actually doing something good for my body. Like drinking a pure glass of orange juice. Slowly and steadily my endurance level is building. I can feel it on every training day, even on Christmas morning (6:30 am) when I managed my first one (1) mile. A feat that happened while joining TTRoadRunners seasoned runners doing their annual leisure Christmas run around the Savannah. What a Christmas present to myself!

With every New Year come a new plan, new dreams and goals for one's life. One of my new dream and/or goal started in actuality last November. Also, while volunteering for Scotiabank Women Against Breast Cancer 5K last September, I realized that I too wanted to be part of that movement; to do something positive that says I care, for I too lost my maternal grandmother to cancer. Although, I initially started to run because I wanted to train for the Scotiabank Women Against Breast Cancer 5K later this year, coach Dennise thinks otherwise. Yes, Coach is motivating me to run my very first 5K this January month end. What a privilege it is, not only joining TTRoadRunners and having Dennise as my coach, but for her believing in me and motivating me along the Savannah course! I am greatly indebted to you. Thank you!

In 2012 this rookie is on the run…Do you dare? What are your plans for 2012??

* This post was primarily written on January 1st, 2012 for TTRoadRunners Newsletter. 


Cassie Chu said...

WoW! So, that's what u've been up to, huh? Awesome. I'm proud of u. :)

Well, I've got alot of plans for this year... I plan to work hard, stop doing stuff I shouldn't have started in the 1st place, but most importantly I hope to FINALLY start college. (",)

Ne said...

Hey great! At least you have a new year plan i cannot plan at the moment i am now leaving
everything in God's hands. My new year was and still is very tiring because of my mum's illness
and right now she is my main focus. For me the year will come and it will go we are the ones to make in different just as you are doing
at present

Have a great day

Zarrina said...

U go girl wonderful article. Proud of you sweetie!!

Shyv said...

Proud of you Ms Wendy ;)
I'm sure this makes you want to run after all your other goals as well. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.

My love to Dennise - she is a great inspiration and so generous.

Continue in the self-discovery...

Wens-Notebook said...

Thank you guys for all the support! I feel 2012 has some wonderful surprises for meee!!!