Saturday, 14 January 2012

25 random things...

"I generally don't stick labels on myself but I don't have any problems with others doing so, partly because critics are not happy unless they've done so...Readers and critics will develop their views based on their perspective. You see a man lying by the side of the road, he's either sleeping, drunk, taking an afternoon nap or maybe even dead. It all depends on how close you look and what angle you are looking from" -Lola Shoneyin, Nigerian poet.

During the last quarter of last year, I started getting to know one of my male pals a little bit more. In our conversations I realized that there are too so much misconceptions about me…it's hilarious! And yes, most people do make snap judgments (form instantaneous, unreasonable positive/negative impressions) about others. You know, that lightning (only strikes once) so-called 'first impression'? Case in point: my male pal always reminds me of his 'first impression' of me. It's hysterical seeing him communicate it animatedly (middle finger…followed by f#?k you don't talk to me attitude that I project). I still cringe at his 'first impression' of me. Although now, he sees beyond the veils and veneers of my tough exterior and knows that it's just my defense mechanism…and as he says, it works! Because this (us becoming friends) was never an option! Ouch! That hurts.

Truth be told though, I am so not what people perceive me to be; aloof, cranky, moody, blah blah blah! Quite the opposite actually. Just ask my pal now, he'll tell you…in true comic relief. Some time ago, I was tagged on Facebook by a few friends on this new topic, "25 random things about me."  I thought it fitting to re-post that 25 here in blogosphere, so there'll be less misconceptions?
So here’s my 25…enjoy!
  1. I'm an only child. Contrary to misconceptions (and typecasting), NO I'm not spoil! Thank you very much.
  2. There's no pretense here…what you see is what you will get…unfiltered!!
  3. I was very reserved as a child, even in High School—but somewhere too, I was quite rebellious…I was actually kind of a nerd too…I think I still might be. Hahahaha
  4. Oh gosh, yes, I'm a hopeless romantic!!! And will hold out for more…much more…everything…Yes, I still believe in love.
  5. I have an inner strength and at times, don't quite understand the full scope of just what that means…like being gifted and not knowing how to use that gift.
  6. My proudest moment is becoming a Mother.
  7. My BFF is my cousin Maureen…we've been, since childhood…she is the only person who truly 'gets' me.
  8. My most embarrassing moment…walking into a post while talking to a guy in Pier 1—yikes! I was mortified!
  9. I can cook—really good—I think; well so I've told even Chinese & Italian…yum
  10. My greatest strength is my calming demeanor (in chaos) and fortitude.
  11. My greatest weakness…I trust too easily—Yeah, I always give people the benefit of the prove themselves.
  12. My mom always remind me that—people can do as much as they want, but not as long as they like--in essence—the longest rope has an end and surely enough, if you give people a piece of rope they tend to hang themselves… 
  13. I'm all for education—not only academia—but also, educating myself daily about the world…learning more about myself-who I am and where I'm going...
  14. My pet-peeved is definitely hair on a bar of soap!! That's just disgusting!
  15. I'm very frugal...dislike being wasteful and self-indulgent.
  16. I absolutely love travelling and meeting new people. At one time I wanted to be a Flight Attendant.
  17. I never forget people...especially when they've been kind to me.
  18. I'm good at keeping a 'lime' going—yep I'm the comic relief! Wry sense of humor, but it works…
  19. In the next ten (10) years — I'll be working with exploited and at risk children…I have a tender understanding when it comes to children and detest seeing them suffering—in any way!
  20. Seven (7) words that best described me — Loyal, Eccentric, Determined, Resourceful, Bold, Stubborn, Fearless…
  21. I Love chocolate in almost everything—but mint chocolate chip is the best in ice-cream!!
  22. I was never good at Math, but I definitely know how to check my money…
  23. My perfect 'lime'—family gatherings! I love all the 'catching-up'…It's just hilarious! 
  24. Once you've hurt me—I retreat—don't hold grudges—will be cordial—but briefly..
  25. Some of my true friends are those that I've had while growing up—those from a decade and more...and some within the last few to five (5) years too. So, there you have it…there's more. 
But what's your 25??


Cassie Chu said...

soooo, u really mean I gotta list 25 things about me? I'm not sure I know that much a bout me. :/

Here goes...

1. I AM very much In love with arts... :) [I just had to put that first]

2. I'm very indecisive and moody...

3. people say I'm "weird", but i say I'm "unique".

4. I'm all for full equality and I believe that pure love sees no face, race, colour, creed, religion , sex and all the other things that separates us.

5. I respect everyone... until they give me reason not to.

6. I have a very vivid imagination... NO! I an not crazy.

7. I can talk my way out of any situation... Any!

8. I do not hold grudges...

9. I'm the type of person who sits at the back of a room quietly AND STill gets noticed cause I'm the person who's sitting at the back of the room quietly. :|

10. Unintelligent people turns me off! -_-

11. Most times I come across as being rude, but that's just me being straightforward.

12. I can take on ANY task... :) I'm super lazy and I'd find the quickest way to get things done.

13. I have a problem with rules.

14. I'd try anything at least once.

15. Fact that I'm stuck at 15... lol I just hate going on and on about myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear ! A few out of the 25 had me laughing...but I like the moral of the topic ( dont judge the book by the cover )just don't (*!judge!*)

Anonymous said...

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Wens-Notebook said...

Spot on with the moral of the post!! Being judged so severely has allowed me to not extend the same courtesy..