Monday, 6 February 2012

Breakfast at Robbie's...

Running is a mental
sport...and we're
all insane..
Les Brown
It's been a while since I've done one of these posts though I wish to blame it on the allure of Carnival, which ought to keep me blogging! But I've had a pretty eventful few days, and the week is just starting! Is it bad to be looking forward to next weekend already?
Friday evening I rendezvous with my best guy friend. And on Saturday I visited my favourite store in the mall (of course, it's M.A.C.) to purchase some much needed supplies and get my make-up done for the day ahead. And then it was off to the React Communications training for CK12 at the QPS Command Center. At the end of the training (6:30pm) I was beginning to feel the effects of all that 'rendezvous-ing' the previous night, so I headed straight home to recharge for the culmination of my weekend!
On Sunday, I surprised my body with an early morning rise to meet TTRoadRunners (seasoned runners) at the 'bench' with Dennise...of course! And then it was off to Robbie's place to begin the run. By this time, I was fully awake and psyching myself up to challenge the minimum run of 3 miles. I needed to make DD least and not humiliate myself by falling flat on my face or even 'pass out cold'. Would jumping over a cliff and never showing my face on that bench help? Fortunately, none of that happened and I'm happy to report that with D's prompting and Robbie's company, I managed approximately 4.5 miles (I think)!! Robbie's breakfast run yesterday at Saddle Grove, Santa Cruz was certainly a respite from the Savannah course! Running through nature at 6:30-7:00am is harmonious. To feel that crisp breeze on your face is heavenly. And the air filled with the aroma of breakfast along the path was indeed motivation! Since I didn't have my morning mojo (before my run), my motivation was coffee and I communicated this to Robbie just before I finished the last half mile...which took me straight to the breakfast line!!
As the runners all came in from their run, Robbie's wife Heroina served up some palatable 'trini/vzuela' breakfast! Hmmm...Delish!! With all the pleasantries and breakfast digesting it was time to consume some much needed preparation for Panorama Semis later that day, of course! Sangria it was...breakfast variation! Ohh wait, it was only 10am! This is breakfast in Trinidad...and welcome to the home of Carnival!!
serious bout breakfast
The highlight of my weekend ended just before 11am, for I had to prepare for the remainder of Sunday that was filled with work and play at the Savannah..I was definitely on a high (from my new 4.5 feat) and when I met up with D later during Pan, she asked how I was feeling. Perhaps, my tiredness was evident just a bit, but oddly I was feeling invincible! Yes, I always bring the crazy! And sure enough at 10pm I crashed and burned...straight into bed!! Invincible my arse!
So who's up for the next Breakfast Run?? 
IT is soo much more than breakfast...much much more!!


Anonymous said...

you go girl enjoy yourself to the fullest. life is all about doing the things u like. have fun and b safe for c2k12

Dennise said...

Wens ... just a matter of time before you do your first marathon... running is like life's elixir. Run!

Tasha Bernard said...

Lovely writing....i was able to picture everything as though I were there! LOL ...

Anonymous said...

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Wens-Notebook said...

Thank you D for being so patient and wonderful to me throughout this whole process. I have to also thank the group for appointing you to the newbies! Stay Special!