Friday, 11 November 2011

Intuition…gut feelings?

I am compelled to write something additional on intuition. Since the stirrings from my 1st blog entry. Lately I find myself wondering why I sometimes tend to second-guess myself a lot on some things. Whenever this happens, I usually end up regretting it, because my gut feelings are always spot on. So what is intuition? 
I believe it is a hunch―a gut feeling inside…when you sense whether something feels right or wrong. I don't think that it is logic, fact or even opinion. It just sits around, somewhere underneath and beyond all that. Intuition is our inner voice−our own personal voice of reason−gently guiding us along. And somehow I don't think it will lead us off course; no matter what our conscious mind tells us. 

Oft-times though, most of us do not heed our intuitions…that gut feeling. I think we ignore it because we don't want it (the nagging sensation) to be true, but ladies it's a gift we must develop…and use. For intuition promotes good communication too. It will make you more sensitive to the people around you. So learn to trust your intuition (trusting the feelings). It is an extension of a woman's sixth sense (simply responds to something and gives you a feeling), and if we truly take time out to get in touch with our spirit we can develop this gift further and it will help us along the journey. Try it for yourself. Just let go. Take time out to first find your spirit (meditate)−go some place (any room in the house) where you can totally quiet empty your mind…and listen. Find peace in yourself. It is amazing! All those uncertainties will get an answer.

And gentlemen, this intuition or even finding your spirit is not exclusive to women. Oh no. With every breath, choices dominate all of our lives. How many of us really make everyday decisions by gut feelings or by reason? Obviously, our mind operates on a dual track. We have an intuitive mind and a rational mind. And there is an inner voice that accompanies every human being. We all have a simple intuition for what is good and bad for us. It speaks to the heart of our understanding of the human mind. Similarly, just as animals have bionic senses to guide them in the animal kingdom.

Intuition…many of us have had them, some of us heed them but most of us ignore them. So why do we have those hunches that seem to tell us that even the best of things aren't always what they seem? Do these feelings always turn out to be right? Sometimes we are alerted and suspect things are going wrong, but have no proof. Like when I knew deep down that a particular relationship wasn't going to work out. I just couldn't justify how or why just then. Why does the phantom's whispering in our ear, always takes us by surprise and we are left wondering…?

Have you ever wondered why we make snap judgments? Why do we form instantaneous, unreasonable positive/negative impressions of people and certain circumstances? How do we explain the lightning (only strikes once) so-called

'first impression', which often proves (in the long/short run) to be right?

Send me your thoughts.. How do you feel about all this??


Bob Saget said...

Blame old people and marketing for second guessing yourself.

1. We are taught from an early age to respect the elderly and respect their wisdom.
But have you listened to old people and stupid stuff they have done, think and say? Especially in Trinidad? At least half of them were drunk or high throughout their life. Now they're suffering from lack of brain cells.
Now that you've grown up you learnt some of the truth, but because your told to respect their knowledge, you figure they know better.

2. Marketing people's job is to have you override your logic in place of whatever they want you believe. And you are bombarded like this everyday thousands of times per and outside of your home!

Marlene said...

Emotional Intelligence - it's real!

Wens-Notebook said...

Marlene thanks for that! I forgot about EI. I read a book some time ago on that same Emotional Intelligence.
Bob I think the older folks are set in their ways. We can't change that no matter how hard we try. That said, keep in mind that their teaching was way different to what we are expose to presently. Everything evolves. Next few generations we may that way too..

Serjio said...

Like the headline. Intuition and logic can go together or follow each other. Try acting on intuition and im sure you can work out the logistics of your actions. As for gut feeling ... I believe you could be guided by your spirit and your deeper conscience ... but it's always difficult to thrust the intangible.

Ne said...

We have at times doubted ourselves, but just to let you know that intuition is a real thing. We have to become more observant and conscious of what is going on in our inner being. That unseen place that cannot be physically touched but can be felt. Sometimes God gives us gifts that have to be nurtured. Take heed of it..

Jillian said...

I like to call it the sixth sense! Some of us are too busy ignoring the souls of our spirit that we can't hear when it speaks, see what it's showing us, react when it feels, or know when it's important to just do as it says!